IOS 14 is a Good Chance for Apple to Lower it’s Wall

Many reports are coming that that apple in IOS 14 is all allowing the apps like chrome or Gmail to be set as default. From many times we can say that Apple is not allowing any third-party app to be set as default, but windows, android all are doing that.

Why Apple is coming with these ideas now only?

An antitrust investigation is all going to be done by the EU. These all started when Spotify complained that the apple is all favoring its music service and just banning others. Not only that, but Spotify also complained that all the apple users have to purchase the app from the apple store and that they take an extra 30 percent commission. 

Apple Restrictions

Apple just allows iPhone users to use the apps from their store, and they just set their default apps. Due to all this, the apps have to register with the link on iOS.

It is the thing if apple just removes all its restrictions, it will just improve the iOS system for many.

Another thing in which apple can be better for others is by reducing it’s app store policies. To launch the cloud-based games on iOS, even the Nvidia, Google, and Microsoft face a lot of problems.

From the past, many restrictions are reduced by apple. To allow the VoIP apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger apple created CALLKIT. When you just call through Whatsapp, they just look like regular iPhone calls, and you can also get them in the phone call log history.

With the iOS 8 apple reduces the rules as in that the apple message app uses the build quick type keyboard. It is that Apple is just going to reduce it’s restriction further in the messaging app. When Apple reduces the restrictions, then it will help the developers to develop the apps according to the iPhone.

Unfair Means

Various third parties just complained against apple for taking their ideas, and just the apple converts it into the iOS and macOS.

In a recent incident, the developer of the blue mail management app claimed that the apple just decreased the Blix’s app in the search result and removed it’s macOS app after the apple stole the app features.

Apple built the screentime control in iOS when it started cracking the third party app features. All the complaints that are just coming on the Apple and all these are just making pressure on the apple. Here the iOS 14 can decrease some of the pressure as it is having fewer rules and policies than others, and this can lead to an improvement in the experience of iPhone and iPad for costumers.

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