Publishing on AndroidHacks4U

If you’d like to do any of the following on (“AH4U”):

  • advertise
  • write for us
  • write a product review
  • publish a guest post
  • publish an article about your product or service on AH4U

Please reach out to us through the editorial team at our sister site, (owned by the same holding company as AH4U):

For articles and product reviews, we will consider content contributions that meet the following criteria:

1. Articles must be topically relevant.

AH4U primarily covers the technology sector and some casino and gaming. Any articles on AH4U should be related to those themes.

2. The content must be objective, balanced, and factual.

Articles should not act as a sales pitch with exaggerated benefits and/or refrain to mention any limitations or drawbacks.

Content must be fair and accurate to be published.

Above all, it needs to provide value to our audience.

3. We have no minimum word count on product reviews.

But most quality reviews are at least 500 words and are properly structured with sections and subheadings.

The review should include:

  • an introduction of the product or service
  • its features and benefits
  • pros and cons
  • service tiers
  • price information (if relevant)
  • any unique information that’s important for the reader to know, and
  • a conclusion

Reviews should contain at least one (1) screenshot or graphic that is not pulled from any other site.

4. The article must be unique and written for AH4U only. It may not resemble articles published elsewhere or be reproduced on other websites.

5. The information contained in the article must be fairly complete and not just feature snippets or teasers that force the reader to go elsewhere to read more.

To inquire about opportunities, please message us at:

Please note that we make no commitment to publish content sent to us even if all criteria are satisfied. It requires our pre-approval, and we accept or decline submissions at our discretion. Thank you.